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Viewers have long complained that they are fed up with the conveyor belt of white women on the show. Yet her casting has only thrown into focus the struggles black women face when dating. Unlike other shows, where diversity woes can simply be redressed by recasting, Love Island is complicated.

The show has been praised for its unfiltered portrayal of the dark side of dating — from ghosting and gaslighting to toxic masculinity and relationships. But there is another reality the show has brought to the fore. We always mixed, but not far enough to encounter really different people.

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It's very much a privilege of the modern world that I can meet somebody whose group lived thousands of miles away from my own," he says. And race can guarantee that you end up with a phenomenon of 'hybrid vigour'. Two different types of corn can be bred together to create a stronger variety. Two humans with no overlap in their genetic history are less likely to have genetic mutations. People of mixed race are going to be more attractive.

Cross-cultural dating: Why are some people only attracted to one ethnicity? | SBS News

You could also predict that we ought to be attracted to people of other races as then means our children would have this benefit, but that seems to be less supported by the evidence. Mr Von Hippel predicts that as the world becomes a multi-ethnic place, the eventual consequence is going to be much more multi-ethnic coupling.

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But at the end of the day, sometimes you just can't explain who you're attracted to. You might think you have a type, but then fall in love with someone unexpectedly.

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In this episode of Insight we hear from people who only date those from different racial backgrounds to their own. Host Jenny Brockie asks about the basis for their preferences and finds out whether racial stereotypes are at play. The program also hears from match-making services that specialise in cross-cultural matches. Download our free app on the App Store or Google Play for the latest headlines and breaking news alerts. Sign up now for the latest news from Australia and around the world direct to your inbox.

Follow SBS News to join in the conversation and never miss the latest live updates. Thousands rally for Sydney Women's March. Trump offers relief for 'dreamers' as part of compromise to end shutdown. Labor splashes the cash on swimming lessons. Mexico fuel line explosion kills at least 66, injures The impact of Seretse Khama on British public opinion and Historical Studies in Ethnicity, Migration and Diaspora, 12, The Return of Health for All.

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Your Dating 'Type' May Be Crossing A Line Into Prejudice

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Is Love Racist? The Dating Game

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Single black female: Love Island and the problem with race and dating

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