Some funny fails, some…. I give it one out of two fists. Wonder what happened to the site, Holy Shidduch. That had real funny stories. The spitting girl sounds like someone I would like! OfftheDwannaB December 5, , That fisting story is great. Heshy Fried December 5, , Bobby December 6, , 9: Mark December 6, , 7: I like when they talk about the customary gift of a pearl necklace in the yichud room.

Sarah December 6, , Tinok ShenishBeth December 5, , OfftheDwannaB December 6, , 4: Tinok ShenishBeth December 6, , 5: OfftheDwannaB December 6, , 5: Well, we went out again, and he clearly did the weird head pat thing again. Anonymous December 6, , 4: Dave December 6, , 8: Hesh, I want to hear about your teffilin dates!! Like the weird stuff she was into e ct. Heshy Fried December 6, , 9: Check back later in the day for a post on the subject.

Rachel December 6, , 9: Rachel December 6, , 8: Lukewarm Chanie December 6, , 9: Anonymous December 6, , I could write a book on the subject but here are my top 7 date fails: Modern Orthodox Chic December 6, , 9: Hannah December 7, , Anonymous December 7, , 1: Sergeant J December 8, , 5: Alter Cocker March 10, , 3: It was a good line to respond with.

Dan December 7, , 3: You know, there is something between not dating jews and shidduch dating. Lex Luthor December 7, , 4: Tinok ShenishBeth December 8, , 7: AztecQueen December 8, , 7: Anonymous December 17, , 6: Rob December 21, , 6: Norine Lecroy March 1, , 9: And then there was the time that Malky got a call from her good friend Debbie who had just come home from a date. The man in question admired a particularly large house that they passed in a well-to-do suburban neighborhood, commenting wistfully, "Boy, would I like to get into that house.

The next morning, when Debbie still found herself disturbed by the remark, she contacted a friend on the local police force and asked him to run a check on her date. It turned out that Debbie was right to be concerned. Her date had been arrested not once, but twice, for breaking and entering.

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No doubt you have heard the stories about guys who may be old enough to date, but still haven't learned their manners yet. Like the gentleman who took Esti to a nice restaurant, and then proceeded to use his tie as a napkin. Or the guy who came to pick up Shani in Boro Park and instead of coming in, honked vigorously outside the window, waiting for her to come to the car.

When Shani's cousin went outside to tell him that the date had been canceled because of his lack of chivalry, the young man replied dejectedly, "Man, they always say that!

Confessions of a Shidduch Dater

And there's Benjy , who spent an entire evening trying not to gag because his date didn't exactly smell like a rose. It wasn't until he got home that Benjy realized that he had stepped into something rather unpleasant on the sidewalk which had stuck to the bottom of his shoe. It was him, not his date, who was the malodorous one. Lest you think that it is only the ladies who come home with war stories, guys are equally affected. Ari and Shevy had already dated a few times when he agreed to pick her up in Far Rockaway where she had spent Shabbos.

Arriving on time in his cousin's brand new car to pick up Shevy, Ari loaded her suitcase and her bag into the car. The two drove off to spend a pleasant afternoon in Central Park, only to discover hours later that the car had been towed. David had the misfortune of taking a date to a restaurant that just wasn't up to snuff.

While the food was mediocre, the service was far worse, and David left a nominal tip that he felt accurately reflected their rather dismal dining experience, telling his date that the meal had left a lot to be desired. It wasn't until the shadchan called David to read him the riot act that he found out that the restaurant was owned by his date's parents!

Shidduch dating stories. Confessions of a Shidduch Dater

While members of both sexes may have had their fill of dates with no ambition or personality, it is usually the gentleman who has the pleasure of paying for a wasted evening. Daniel recalled young ladies who ordered two main courses, nibbled at both of them and then asked the waiter to pack up the leftovers for them to take home. Or another date who seemed to know every person in the restaurant that they visited and spent the entire night talking to everyone in the room except Daniel, who just sat and ate his meal alone Finally, there are parents to contend with.

Sruli endured an hour and minute long interrogation from one father, and when he finally paused to ask Sruli what kind of girl he wanted, Sruli wearily replied "an orphan. By the time we got to date number six he called me up on the date and said, 'If you don't mind, come back after the date and we'll shmooze some more. Got a dating disaster to share with Under the Chuppah?

Send it to us for possible publication at mail utc.

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Advertise with us Contact. What was the point of this article? Post a Comment Title: Saturday, Shvat 13 - 19 January Opinions and Comments 1 Biased opinion! I did have a date planned but now I'm not so sure. I mean why should I be paying for someone to bring home food from a restaurant on my bill when she wants Is to talk to everyone else.

And the weirdest part is her parents own the restaurant so why am I paying for her meal?! I once had a date that showed up at my door withought a car saying he wanted to walk around, that wouldn't have been so bad if it wasn't below 10 degrees Fahrenheit I live in Canada.

Shani And Meir Davidson's Story and Partners In Shidduchim

Why are Bochrim so unprepared for a date? There is no excuse And then the Bochrim think it's so great that they are spending all the money as if they are making a big investment, when the girl is the one getting dressed up for 5 hours before and crying for 2 hours after if it doesn't go well!

Bochrim time to grow up.

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Where are the mentshliche guys that everyone tells me about I haven't seen one yet! Is this article supposed to be humorous? Is it to tell us something? It fails on both counts. And what's wrong with wearing all grey? What a waste of my time reading it. Very biased and very one-sided. Some stories seemed a little over the top and exaggerated. I am a guy who has been on a fair share of dates and don't get me started on horror stories. One of my dates was tripping on Heroin and falling over every other step. There was one time that I had to catch her - because she walked right into a busy intersection in Boro Park and would have surely got hit by a car.

The time when the girl opened the passenger door, saw me in the drivers seat and said "you're not for me" and walked away slamming the door behind her btw - on the phone she asked me not to get out of the car to open the door for her since "she didn't want the neighbors to see that she was going on a date" - should have been a red flag Some examples are valid poor dates and others seem like trivial issues. Humans make mistakes and that is one.

Yes, his character is still like that after 10 years of marriage. Humans have mishegasin and issues will constantly come up after marriage. The question is how you deal with them together. O thought ive been through it all. On the bright side, there are nice guys out there and are considerate, so there is hope. It's so hard to please anyone these days!!! Here is a partial list of my clients I couldn't even get them one date, and that is why I am finally quitting and going into the pickle business.

How can you recommend him to my daughter? Wasn't he involved in a family feud with his father over some idols? Then he left home without a GPS or a viable business plan! His brother is an Arab terrorist!!! Sorry, she seems nice but did you hear about her mishpuche??? Her father's a murderer and her brother's a ponzi scam artist These two people were on a date and they were stopped at a red light, the girl put the car in park and took out the keys.

Jewish Dating - Marriage. Jewish Dating Building a strong marriage relationship actually begins with a proper approach to dating.

Enjoy being single – it's fun.

Inspired by millennia of tradition and guided by the eternal teachings of the Torah, Jewish communities have developed a unique pattern of courtship and dating. Save The Date shidduchnewsletter - Instagram photos and. Actual Funny Shidduch Stories: Inspired by this lame link, does anyone have any actual funny shidduch dating stories? When there was a lull in the conversation, the girl blurts out, 'I'm permissible to a kohen. Shidduch Dating Places — Kosher. Forget the Crowds and Make a Date with your Spouse. Shidduch Dates Disasters Stories.

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  • If you think shidduchim can be difficult or awkward, read these real-life disaster stories from frum dates. For some people, dating is the stuff that fairy tales are made of.